About Us

We are Jarrod, Jill & Dan - Founders & Owners of Palm Tree Party Rentals.
Thank you so much for stopping by! Your efforts in supporting our business means the world to us. It's our honor to serve South Carolina with the best Party Rental services, and we only plan to get bigger & better. Our inspiration for this vision stemmed from the experience we have working for a Party Rental company in New Jersey for over 7 years. We knew the Carolina's could use a little extra Party, and we decided to bring it!
Our love of Palm Trees, inspired the name.

Each of us are 90's babies & proud business owners in the great state of South Carolina.
If we are not rolling rides, we are likely staying active with our dogs (Munson, Django & Honey), or getting way too competitive in Mario Kart or Checkers.
We are so excited for another great season in 2024 and thank you again for being a part of it!


Meet Jarrod
Favorite Food: Sushi
Favorite Music: Reggae
Favorite Activity: Playing with my dogs
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Drink: Hot latte  
Favorite Flavor: Chocolate PB
Birthday: July
Meet Jill

Favorite Food: Roast Beef Sandwhich
Favorite Music: House & Hip Hop
Favorite Activity: Dancing 
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Drink: Iced Latte with Oat Milk 
Favorite Flavor: Vanilla
Birthday: November

Meet Dan
Favorite Food: Hispanic Food
Favorite Music: Hip Hop & Salsa
Favorite Activity: Beach day at Sullivans Island
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Drink: Spanish Sangria (after work hours)
Favorite Flavor: Cookies & Cream
Birthday: January

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